The creatives


Back in NYC I used to work with a lot of talented photographers, we used to do regular shoots. Since coming to California I haven’t been proactive in reaching out to the art community. Recently I made a commitment to start collaborating with artists again and I found Sergio Martinez the founder of Monser Media. Sergio is a young creative photographer and videographer. We collaborated, constantly bouncing ideas while shooting. It’s fun working with other creatives, a word I picked up while in NYC, which basically means people who are artists . I forgot how much I used to love to do this. The difference is I was always behind the camera, getting in front of the camera was a big step for me. I’ve always been camera shy unless I’m posing with my girls but Sergio gave me a lot of direction which helped.

We decided to shoot in downtown Fullerton, OC. The city is filled with many bars and mom and pop shops and restaurants. It’s amazing when you put on your creative lenses and see a different side of Fullerton, I never knew it was this cool.




This outfit I’m wearing is casual and laid back. I like wearing my mom jeans, they’re loose and easy to move in. The moto leather jacket is a timeless piece I had since my Sydney days. The round Ray-Ban sunnies are my current favourite pair, they go well with all my outfits. My Chanel boy bag I got from Paris has been a great investment, dress it up or dress it down, it’s the perfect statement bag.



Look how cool this shot is, so much going on. Sergio got the reflection of palm trees on my sunnies. You can actually see the sun setting! There’s also a green light in the background bouncing off my arm.


What I wore, jacket: Wrangler, top: Rebecca Minkoff, jeans: Zara, boots: Vaneli, bag: Chanel, sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

Photo credits: Sergio Martinez- Monser Media,

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