Casual days

When I feel lazy and don’t want to think about my outfit but I still want to look presentable to the world, I usually go with a pair of jeans, a shirt, and comfortable sneakers for on the go casual days. Here are two looks but with only different shirts. This way you’re not breaking the bank!



This first look is great for a casual work day. I usually go to work very casual because I don’t want to scare others. People say my accent makes everything sound so proper and intimidating  so I was told to go more casual hahaha. This outfit keeps it casual but appropriate and conservative. The blue stripe shirt is every girl’s staple right now. Oh did I mention how comfortable it is!


My second look is denim on denim, sometimes it’s hard to work this look but when you find the perfect pair of jeans, the outfit just works! The bag actually breaks up the look too!

What I wore:

First look: shirt: Zara, jeans: Jolt, shoes: Adidas, bag: Chanel, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, watch: Rado, ring: Tiffany & Co.

Second look: shirt: Banana Republic, jeans: Jolt, shoes: Adidas, bag: Chanel, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, watch: Rado, ring: Tiffany & Co.

Photo credits: Sergio Martinez- Monser Media,

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