Trunk Bay, St. John US Virgin Islands


My sweet husband Steve took me to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands in The Caribbean for my 30th birthday celebration. It is a place I’ve always dreamed of going because I hear so many wonderful things about it. It was not a let down, the island is so peaceful and lush! It is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to. The water was turquoise and the sand was white and very soft. Also the water’s more warm than our beaches in California so it was very pleasant to swim in. We spent a day at Trunk Bay soaking up the sun and snorkeled for a few solid hours. I even managed to squeeze in a couple of extra laps because the water was that amazing!


At Trunk Bay you have to pay to get in but it’s the best place to snorkel in St. John. There’s lifeguards around so it’s pretty safe for the young ones. Go early because you want to find parking plus you get to beat the tourist crowd. There’s food and drinks available as well as a bar!


This floral bikini with palm leaves design is really cute. I like how the ruffles add a special touch to the top, making it appealing and interesting to the eye. The colours of this two piece are fun and vibrant, perfect for vacation. The bikini brand is Lovers + Friends which is based in LA.


What I wore, bikini: Lovers + Friends, hat: Forever21


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