Chillin by The Caribbean Sea


Steve and I started the day hiking Ram Head, on St John Island. It was a 3 miles hike that started on the beach and ended up at Ram Head. It was a hot day but once we got up to the top there was a nice breeze.


After the hike we finished on the beach and went in for a dip to cool down. The water was beautiful as expected. It was hard to get out once we got in the water, it was too easy just to lay there. It reminded me of when I was a kid sitting in the tub and refusing to get out till my fingers were like prunes.


We then went to Ekaete Pink Corner in Coral Bay to have lunch and decided to try the local flavour, Caribbean food. We had goat curry roti, ribs with rice and plantains and fresh coconut water. The curry was my favourite, the roti was so soft and the goat was tender and marinated in spices. We both enjoyed that dish so much that the next day we came back for more! Along the drive we saw a shack on the side of the road that made fresh smoothies! We got a tropical smoothie, strawberry, mango and banana. It was the most delicious smoothie I  have tasted in a while and they even added free rum! Life is good!


After lunch we decided to explore the northern beaches of St. John and drove to Maho Bay. It was a more quiet beach and very picturesque. We chilled by the beach, taking in the beauty, sitting there listening to the waves and the birds chirping, It was the perfect spot to do meditation. We were both at peace and it felt like heaven! We spent a good amount of time reading and ended the afternoon with snorkeling. We even encountered a stingray along the way!


The bikini I wore is ale by Alessandra, the Victoria Secret angel. It is the cutest bikini I found for this trip. It’s an over the shoulder pink floral bikini and to my surprise is very secure, usually my tops flip over in the waves but this one stayed on the whole entire time while I was swimming. It might also help that I went a size up, I wore a medium. The back of the bikini can be tightened with the strings which is very helpful when you’re in between sizes.


What I wore, bikini: ale by Alessandra, hat: Forever 21, dress: Obey, shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue , sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

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